Post Content. Get Cashback.

Did you know you can get cashback on your order with Mokum Prix? 
By posting your videos on Instagram Reels or TikTok, you can receive up to a 100% refund on your order, no matter which sneaker. 

How does it work?

We love to keep it simple. So if you would like to make use of this, just order a sneaker and wait until your order arrives. Then, create a video of your sneaker unboxing or show off your new purchase to your audience in any other creative way!  Don't forget to tag us (@mokumprix) and fill in the form so we can track the analytics on your video. We will track your views and engagement for 72 hours after your video has been posted. 

Why are you doing this?

We believe that you do not have to be an influencer to show off your creativity in videos. In fact, we encourage everyone to display their creative side and record videos everyone will love. Let's be honest. Who doesn't love a nice sneaker unboxing video?

How much can I earn?

As of now, you can earn up to 100% cashback for your purchase. That means that you'll get a free sneaker from us if your video performs well! If we repost your video on Instagram or use your video for advertising, you will get €15 refunded regardless of how it performs. For now, these are the cashback amounts that we provide for TikTok. On Instagram Reels the cashback amount will be lower.

 TikTok Views Cashback Amount
100 - 999 €5
1000 - 9999 €10 - €25
10.000 - 49.999 €25 - €45
50.000 - 99.999 €45 - €85
100.000 - 299.999 €85 - €105
300.000 - 499.999 €105 - €145
500.000 - 749.999
€145 - €175

750.000 - 999.999

€175 - €225

1.000.000 - 4.999.999

€225 - €345 (up to 100% cashback)
5.000.000 + €345+ or 100% of your order

You can submit your video through the form below:


Policy & Questions

How long should I keep the video up?

In order to be eligible, you need to have the video up for 10 days. Your profile should also be public during this period.

How do you guys verify views?

We make sure to verify views by checking engagement as well. If the video views are likely to be bought, we hold the right to not provide cashback for your content.

How long does it take to get my cashback?

After 10 days, the views of your video from the first 72 hours will be reviewed. From this day it should take 2-5 business days for you to receive your refund.

How many videos can I post per order?

You can post multiple videos, however only one video will be eligible to receive cashback. Which is why we recommend submitting the video with the highest amount of views.

How do I receive the payout?

The money will be sent back through your original payment method. If you paid with iDeal, you will receive cashback through iDeal on your bank account. Same goes for credit cards, PayPal etc.

What should I include in my video?

Please make sure to include the following things in your video:
1. The item you purchased from us
2. The Mokum Prix card you get with your order.

Also, do not forget to tag us and submit the form!

What is the maximum amount I can earn with my video?

You can earn up to 100% cashback on your purchase. So, If you bought sneakers worth €500, you can receive a maximum of €500 refunded to your original payment method.