How to Style: Air Jordan 4 'Thunder' (2023) - Black & Yellow Is Back

How to Style: Air Jordan 4 'Thunder' (2023) - Black & Yellow Is Back

Looking for some fresh outfit ideas to go with your new kicks? Look no further! We're back with our series that delivers the best outfit ideas for your favorite sneakers. This week, we're all about the recently released Air Jordan 4 Thunder (2023).

How to Style the Air Jordan 4 Thunder 2023

The Air Jordan 4 silhouette has always been a crowd favorite, and the Thunder colorway, making a return for the first time in over a decade, is no exception. As part of Jordan Brand's Spring/Summer 2023 campaign, the Air Jordan 4 Thunder 2023 showcases a sleek black nubuck upper complemented by vibrant splashes of Tour Yellow on the midsole, lace eyelets, and tongue​. Basically, an inverse of the Jordan 4 'Lightning' that released in 2021.

Air Jordan 4 'Thunder' (2023) 1

The iconic Jumpman logo, a symbol of Michael Jordan's legendary impact on the game, graces the heel tab, tongue, and insoles of the sneakers. The design is not just eye-catching, but it also offers a multitude of styling options, making it a versatile addition to any sneaker collection.

One of the most effective ways to style the Air Jordan 4 Thunder 2023 is to let the shoes be the star of the show. The striking black and yellow colorway can stand out against a minimalist outfit in neutral colors. For instance, consider pairing these kicks with some classic black jeans and a simple white tee for a clean, timeless look.

Air Jordan 4 'Thunder' (2023) 2

Our Favorite On-Feet Looks with the Air Jordan 4 Thunder (2023)

To help you visualize the diverse ways you can style the Air Jordan 4 Thunder 2023, we've gathered some of our favorite on-feet images featuring this unique sneaker. These photos highlight various outfits, showing just how adaptable the Thunder colorway truly is.

Air Jordan 4 'Thunder' (2023) 3
Air Jordan 4 'Thunder' (2023) 4

Should You Get Them?

The Air Jordan 4 Thunder (2023) is a versatile and dynamic sneaker that offers countless styling possibilities to match your personal style. Whether you favor a laid-back or a bold look, this striking colorway is sure to make a statement and draw attention. Feel free to experiment with different outfit combinations and discover the perfect ensemble to pair with your Air Jordan 4 Thunder (2023).

Remember to check back next week for more styling tips and outfit inspiration for your favorite sneakers!

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